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Nivo obrazovanja: II ciklus (Master)


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Stipenditor: Naziv:International University College of TurinAdresa:ATTN: Admissions Piazza Carlo Felice 18 10121 Torino, ItalyTelefon:+39 011 440 7007 Email:[email protected]

The International University College of Turin full Scholarships

Konkurs je istekao!

The International University College of Turin (IUC) is taking applications for the 2011-2012 Academic Year. All accepted students have the possibility of receiving partial and in most cases full scholarships to attend the program (including accommodation, monthly living stipend, travel expenses and more).

The IUC was established in 2006 for the interdisciplinary and comparative study of law, economics and finance, in response to the clear lack of a transnational set of normative principles capable of controlling economic processes. The program specifically looks to engage students and young scholars from all over the world with special emphasis on the periphery, or `global south`, with leading figures in economics, law and the humanities.


  • Candidates from diverse backgrounds with an emphasis on law, economics, finance (business or accounting,) political science, anthropology, and sociology.
  • Candidates must be at the Masters level, meaning graduation from their undergraduate program by July 2011 (does not apply to exchange students)
  • Additionally a high level of English language ability (IELTS 6.5 or 7) is required
  • While students are not required to submit an IELTS or TOEFL score (though highly encouraged) with their application, it is expected that the candidate will provide some other equivalent method of reviewing language level (e.g. an academic paper written in English)

Application Requirements

There is no fee to apply.  Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and early applications are encouraged. Applications are accepted until May 15th, 2011.


  • Please indicate if you are applying for the LLM or the MSc or both
  • Official  transcripts  from  all  degree-granting  academic  institutions  that  you  have  attended.  All transcripts must include an English translation and an explanation of the grading system used
  • Two  letters of recommendation (references) from faculty members or others who can assess your skills and character.    The letters should be sent directly by the recommenders either in electronic or hard-copy format to the addresses above indicated.    Alternatively, recommenders should return their letters to the applicants in a sealed envelope with their signature across the flap
  • A motivational essay of 1500 words related to law and finance or discussing some aspect of global capitalism like those motivating the program and the faculty of the International University College of Turin  (see About  The  IUC).  The  essay  should  also  provide  us with  an  example  of  your  English- language writing skills
  • If English is not your native language nor the primary language of instruction, you should provide us  with  some  type  of  evidence  of  your  English  language  skills.  TOEFL,  IELTS  or  CPE  are encouraged although not  required.  If you do not have an English  language proficiency  score please submit a short academic piece in English for consideration
  • In  case  you  cannot  afford  tuition  fees,  you  should  also  provide  us with  a motivated  statement requesting financial aid.

If you have any questions about the application or about the LLM / MSc CLEF and studying at IUC, feel free to send an email to [email protected], or call (+39) 011 440 7007

If you use the PDF form, you can either email it to [email protected], attaching all the requested documents in electronic format (e.g., scanned .pdf or .jpg), or send via Express Mail/Courier a hard-copy version of the application to the following address:

International University College of Turin
ATTN:  Admissions
Piazza Carlo Felice 18
10121  Torino, Italy

For further information visit the OFFICIAL WEBPAGE



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